Friday, 21 April 2017

things I like lately

from the Easter 2012 archives // Easter is one of my favorite holidays because we always spend plenty of time outdoors // Fuji Velvia 100F, Canon EOS 500N

- I got to keep my job! (I'm in a temporary position until the end of the school year; the position is now extended for another year. Fingers crossed it will be a permanent position some time in the future.)
- Easter holiday; first a few days at the mountain cabin with my in-laws and then days at Åsly (the family holiday home at Voss) with friends
- the first daffodils, coltsfoot and wood anemones of the season + budding trees - spring has sprung for real
- biking to work every day this week
- evening walks around the lake whilst listening to an audiobook. Started "How to Kill a Mockingbird" but wasn't in the mood for it, so switched to something easier; the third book in the Bridget Jones series.
- this interview with Sarah Britton of My New Roots
- In my fridge: Inside The First Mess' stunning seasonal arsenal 
- hearing Anania Ngoliga play the illimba (thumb-piano) live (via DKS) - such a beautiful sound of that instrument!
- Live redder verden. Litt.
- so fascinated by zero waste life, for example via Zero Waste HomeTrash is for Tossers, Grønare Kvardag and Grønne Jenter. Not planning to do this myself though.
- Søstrene ville ha mer friluftsliv i hverdagen. Det førte til 52 overnattingsturer på 52 uker. + Tursøstre
- roasted root tangles video by Green Kitchen Stories
- listebonanza
- this interview with one of my favorite food bloggers, Molly Wizenberg
- Linn's last post (in Norwegian) - I can so relate to how she describes her body's reaction to sugar - got so inspired I bought her 10 days kickstart menu. Not sure when I'll do it though; probably after my exam - which is in just 11 days...

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- stomach ache, a kind that I have never felt before
- being bloated (sorry, was that too much information?)
- have not been 100 % faithful to this...

Thursday, 20 April 2017

life, week 14

last light // last life 

Avocado sandwich for lunch at work, but dreaming of sweet carbs and chocolate. Fumbling my way back to project #iquitsweettreats. How about you?

When students wish you a happy Easter With a homemade sweet treat. Perk of being a middle School teacher. // Project #iquitsweettreats does not start until tomorrow...

Nibblies, bubbles and catching up with girlfriends - the very best way to start the Easter holiday!

She was full of complaints on the way up. (I remember being just like her when I was little...) Little did she know about all the fun she would have skiing up and down the hills with her pappa afterwards. 

8 am cabin morning idyll. I even had coffee.

Both were so eager to help grandpa grind the coffee beans. A new coffee making ritual at the cabin. 

shithouse boulevard constructor 

the shape of spring

little mr pulk napper and his "vovva"

- - - 

Week 14: April 3-9

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

life, week 13


Some Mondays require wine.

good night // the tulips get to sleep in the chilly bedroom too

good light makes everything pretty - even the mega messy lego table

Note to self: this (busyness) too shall pass and there will be plenty of bright days.

evening spring sky - I really, really like you

A little break to enjoy the scenery on his way up (and down and up and down and up...) the stairs.


Saturday 8 pm: walking home from a productive afternoon in the university reading room - also known as stress management

And then at 9 pm there was wine whilst waiting for the husband to finish dinner. #hesakeeperforsure

Sunday morning I got to sleep in and I got coffee in bed. He is definitely a keeper.

Foggy walk... the am...

...ready for more weekend work.

reading room lunch/snacks/coffee break is serious business

 - - -

Week 13: March 27 - April 2

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

life, week 12

He insisted on carrying his backpack by himself, just like his big sister does. 

Coming home to this after a busy workday was just perfect.

Thursday dinner: simple, sad yet scrumptious - store bought Thai fish cakes and cucumber // elsk på de nye thaifiskekakene fra Lofoten!

cousins *heart eyes emoji*

Saturday night view - with gin tonic in hand (cheers!): husband making no less than five pizzas whilst listening to Pod Save America. Our future selves will be so happy about a freezer filled with homemade deliciousness.

Sunday agenda: nephew's baptism, hanging out with family and all that jazz

parents' living room still life

meatballs with a side of toothpaste

my crew *all the heart eyes emojis* (especially for Sverre's bowtie debut)

up and down the steps - current favorite pastime 

so curious about the crocus yet no crocuses were harmed

plum tree status March 26

We are all loving spring's arrival and post dinner play time in the garden.

- - -

Week 12: March 20-26

Monday, 17 April 2017

life, week 11

forever grateful for the helping hands of grandmothers in the busy weekdays // and lovely light at 6:30 pm

Moments like these when they happily play side by side. Sometimes they last longer than I dream of. 

Wednesday 8-8:30 pm. That half hour during my day that I do nothing. Then I get to bed at 9-ish, try to get a good night's sleep until it all starts again at 6 am - on a good day. Puh! Sometimes the speed of the merry-go-round of life is a bit too fast, me thinks.

6 am busy bee

Friday 3 pm // mountain cabin bound // current lap situation // mission: feed the family to avoid a hangry roadtrip

The idyll of two siblings on the same chair does not last long.

weekend highlight // cramming four adults and five kids in a tiny cabin was more successful than we hoped for - even with one kid throwing up during night and two other kids waking up before the birds

- - -

Week 11: March 13-19

Thursday, 6 April 2017

(another) last hurrah

It's time; I'm ready to jump on the I quit sweet treats wagon again. Life is a bit (too) busy these days, so I need the help of a well fuelled body that craves vegetables and vitamins instead of sugar, sugar and sugar - which is all I crave during busy times.

I have found that the best time to start such a project is during vacation or some other kind of situation that is not everyday life at home. It just helps to be in a different routine; it makes me focus less on the sugar hangover and more on everything else.

Easter vacation starts this weekend and so does project #Iquitsweettreats - version 3.0. Are you in?

Note to self: version 1.0 of the project lasted three months, and the second round lasted one month. Lets aim for at least something in-between - or beyond!

about the project // keeping it real


Sunday, 2 April 2017

life, week 10

This - afternoon sun light, spring flowers, my garden - make me so happy.

First post kindergarten play session of the season. We were all equally excited about it.

Trampoline season is on! So far he is happy to just watch. 

To travel without kids (verb) meaning time to read and slow down.

touristy Saturday on the Charles bridge, Prague

touristy Saturday night and loving it // I like you Prague, you are pretty beautiful - day and night

When sleeping until 8 am is sleeping in.

Good times in pretty Prague!

- - -

Week 10: March 6-12



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